Goodbye Mum

Pattie Morgan 27 July 1940 - 8 April 2015 A beautiful, brave, smart, playful and loving woman. We'll miss you. This is the eighth post in a series about my mother’s journey with terminal cancer.


Peacefully sleeping

It's hard to imagine that this woman, always so full of life, will not be here much longer. In such a short period of time Mum has gone from someone who is running around, with barely a spare moment left in her diary, to someone who now just sleeps.   While my little family and … Continue reading Peacefully sleeping

Don’t panic

I have really struggled with understanding what I need to write about this week. It seems much harder, which is probably a great reflection of the rollercoaster week it's been. It's not as though there has been anything too dramatic regarding Mum's health - I think that we've all accepted (including Mum) that it is … Continue reading Don’t panic